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It is being published as a practical handbook at the occasion of the Cartoon Forum 06 and the workshop on German Alliances in Animation organized in connection with this event. At this workshop German representatives from the industry and their international counterparts will discuss perspectives, trends and opportunities in animation focusing on UK and Ireland. This booklet Animation made in Germany 06 expands on a prior initiative of seven German regional film funds and again this year is supported by such funds as listed on page Each company represented in this booklet has been suggested to be included by one or more of the regional film funds or other market participants without claiming to cover the entire industry.

In this commercial we literally show how annoying it feels to suffer under the limitations of a restricted contract. In their own simple, naive and charming manner they pull us into the world of Graubuenden and show us the beauty of nature in the region. Since these two have found their new home at LIGA 01 and we are pleased to accompany them from the shore of Lai da Tuma where they present one of the rare places only available to hikers for a few weeks every year.

We are enormously proud of this creepy animation piece. Watch the VFX making of feature right here. Even for a Free dating website for herpes Key Safety Systems: Why They Chose Aras (3 Minutes) experienced animation studio like LIGA it is always a challenge when it comes to real life animals.

Vodafone promotes their new incredibly fast prepaid offer with a supersonic SIM card that rushes through space and time until it finally finds its master. We were gladed to support Nico Beyer and Bakery Films in making this visual come to screen in record time. And a final warning to all viewers — beware of the frog! The Forge of Empires story continues. In these three films we Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH our hero in the conquest of discovering new territories with the help of his beloved wife.

Explore and develop worlds in this enchanting browser game. You can decide to be an Elf, using nature as your tool or a human being that relies on technology to build, trade, improve and explore your city. They hand over a precious gift of a rune stone so as to deepen the relationship between the two peoples. Almost half a century after the lunar landing of Apollo, The Mission to the Moon continues.

We show the future exploration on the moon with the Audi Lunar Quattro, a self-engineered vehicle supported by Audi technology. Celebrating 50 years after the Apollo mission began. C2C is the vision Getting good pictures for online dating Prof.

Braungart and together with architect and product designer Dr. McDonough, has become a valuable concept of ecological, regenerative and intelligent sustainable design. The team behind C2C has not only been able to persuade global brands to create products under the motto but have influenced even the building of entire cities.

We are proud to support the C2C movement with unique animations for this film. We got to be a part of this very cool launch by providing footage and building the CG Stadium and the energy filled crowd in the background. When it comes to production value, this project is another example of our fully integrated workflow, from concept to completion. Forst Beer, a traditional brewery from South Tirol, rolls out their latest campaign, presented by none other than the beers themselves.

Audi Service gives you the freedom as well as the safety to enjoy life to the fullest. We follow our protagonist through his world Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH thought as he visualizes his personal AUDI experience: Everything is possible after Audi Service.

This time he is engaged as a tour guide on the shore of world-renowned Loch Ness. In our latest TVC for Forge of Empires, from InnoGames, we underline this core message through a compact story with opulent Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH — starring our famous stone age couple on their way to the future.

Passionately scripted, designed, directed and produced by LIGA VW like never before. We created fascinating close up beauty shots of the car and paired them with various sounds of nature, such as sunrise, water, weather and campfire to underline this vision consequently.

But this time he gets some unexpected company…. We want more of this kind of advert! Das Wunder von Wuppertal. O2 is listening carefully to their customers. In order to achieve Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH 45 sec. The chef of the German national soccer team asks, what does the EM taste like? He finds the answer whilst watching his team play and discovers the flavors and aromas of the game.

We were contracted to work on the studio footage in order to achieve the unique atmosphere of a championship match in an overcrowded stadium.

These days everyone is getting ready for the European Soccer Championship If you want to make your private viewing party a perfect event, then make sure to order your brand new TV just in time — If Euronics and Oliver Kahn have anything to do with it, they can get it delivered up to 5 minutes before Kick Off. In the browser game Forge Of Empire you can create unique buildings, found your own cities and accept challenges until you rule an entire continent!

This neat story follows the old rule: Follow our hero through history and witness his efforts to build the perfect place from Stone Age to modernity. While other airlines promote their services with larger-than-life footage, top model aircraft personnel and superstar testimonials, EUROWINGS is taking it to absurdity.

This cost sensitivity was exactly one of the reasons to contract LIGA for additional production value! Another mission for our sweet friend Bo. As he is struggling to find every member of his tv family, clever Bo uses his Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH Bons to bait everybody out of their hideaways.

The result is a perfect blend of character animation and vivid life Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH footage, again. A used Audi can feel so brand new that one could drive it right back onto the showroom floor.

To highlight its presence as a design icon, we combined the slick and avantgarde studio setup with an impressive light wall, celebrating the timeless shape of an A5 sportback on the big stage. We like to mention that most solar panels, weather effects and the epic landscape of the end shot were created by LIGA In order to engage more spectators with the advantages of high-definition television a syndicated group of private broadcasters launched a campaign promoting their webpage SCHAU-HD.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute some slick vfx work for this outstanding project. Media Markt, the vendor of home electronics, kicked off its all new campaign with a series of offbeat TVCs. We become witness to the impact of what a simple purchase can mean to the average Media Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH client and how it triumphantly, albeit imaginatively, affects their personal life.

AUDI is supporting them by developing the Audi Lunar quattro, consisting of their core technologies such as quattro, ultra, e-tron and connect. This teaser was developed by us to present this outstanding project at IAA in Frankfurt to the press and the audience. ProSieben ramps up their HbbTV option by making the ordinary, extraordinary. A little girl points the remote at her pet turtles and pushes on red.

Instantly the lethargic critters are transformed into a slammin group of dancing acrobats! Tired of waiting lists and complicated procedures that come with a test drive? Mercedes-Benz and event agency Avantgarde came up with the AUTO-MAT, a coin operated vending machine that instantly spits out your favorite model just by pushing a button. OK, maybe the interior of the machine was slightly enhanced by our animators in order to make the experience a real mind blower.

Schmeckst du das die? Sometimes the understated is more than enough to make a big statement. We are very happy to present our latest creation for ARD. The spots show us insight into the history of various hotels around the world. We know everything about hotels. With InnoGames Tribal Wars 2 the legacy of middle age siege continues. With a swipe of your finger tip you can throw on your pourpoint and lead your infantry to glory, conquer enemy territories and expand your kingdom!

Not by the number of likes on our Facebook pages and not by the unopened mails in our in-boxes but rather through the art of personal reflection. WWF aims its message directly to Online dating australia for free CIMdata: Product Innovation Platforms: Definition, Their Role in th, personally and direct.

The viewer is pulled in by the powerful symbolism and imagery of the story, shown here in reverse. We are happy to have been able to support in the making of this thought provoking film with wire removal, VFX, composting and online. We show how the material evolves from the atom stage to the final product in striking and energetic pictures which metaphorically arouse the carbon to life. Go further and make it work. Our challenge was to link several steady cam shots into one continuous sequence and enhance or rather replace whole sets and backgrounds.

We are very proud and happy to finally present this full CG range packshot for Skoda. The agency Leagas Delaney aimed for a highly flexible packshot kit to be tagged on all future tv commercials.

Luckily, the client had the guts and decided to go fully virtual in order to have maximum quality and flexibility — and he was not disappointed. It is without a doubt the fastest motorsport series on the planet that attracts millions of spectators around the world each year. Since the financing of this outstanding event always is a challenge we were asked to design a sponsoring trailer to marry spectacular footage with slick design charts to bring across the bottom line Bridesofukraine a Ukrainian marriage and dating agency . to the financiers.

A masterpiece in a record time frame by our one and only god of MoGraph Renato. We hope that will be a great contribution for animal welfare. For those who are inspired by this commercial to a sustainable Christmas gift, animal welfare organization offers sponsorship for stray dogs, lions, orangutans and for bears of course. More information can be found under www. Merry Christmas to all our partners and friends! We also wish you Best online dating site thats free LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM GmbH successful start in the New Year Our story begins on a museum tour for art connaisseurs.

The visitors have a taste for refined craftsmanship and are not to be disappointed by what they see. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and VW CC hits the spot, the parking spot to be exact, and distracts the group from outside. This time our coaches have to make their way through a wide expanse of desert and find themselves in a ruthless battle for the best vocal talent.

This TVC showcases the updated features of the new C-class long version for the Chinese market in different day and nighttime situations. The car debuts and changes the game at its best. We were glad to have been given the opportunity to support with set supervision, weather changes, set extensions, matte paintings, VFX-transitions and plenty of retouching.

In order to acquire new business partners, Serviceplan came up with a great idea:

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2/3 of the growth in online advertising is non-disruptive search based advertising .. The inherent networking effect of P2P states that a good P2P system attracts more .. The elimination of free software would have serious effects for commercial Start date or starting event: M Work package title. Last generation video. As such it delivers a good idea of the German industry and of the portfolio a .. The technique that has become Balance Film s trademark is sand animation. . by Igor Weiss BROADCASTER: online PRODUCTION STRUCTURE: Walking On The .. Creative Solutions Liga 0 Computerfilm München GmbH Landwehrstrasse. animation germany is a newly built initiative that unites the interests ducers Alliance and the VTFF (German Service Provider Association). . a 3D hand- crafted look for a film, we have the best creative FORMAT Online-Spot 01 20 min. 4 . chain from cinema to Free TV. LIGA 01 COMPUTERFILM MÜNCHEN GMBH.

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